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HOPE and LOVE are small words that have a huge impact on our daily lives. They influence our perspective, our actions and reactions.

Hope and love are realized more fully and are a direct result of FAITH and relationship with God. My books and presentations speak to real women, with real challenges, needing real solutions ... through the filter of a real and present God.

The need for HOPE. The need for LOVE. The need for FAITH.

That's me and that's you!

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What season of life are you in today?

Are you being stretched or are you coasting?

"Whichever place you currently find yourself, it is my passion to speak and write about everyday life experiences. My voice may echo yours. Familiar emotions and shared experiences give us a common bond. "

"Mother and daughter, wife, friend and grandmother. I am in each of those roles, as are many of you. With them come the ups and the downs of life. Like many, I feel a responsibility to share with others what I've learned along the way. We each have an important story to tell—I've seen my story impact people's lives and serve to make the world a better place. Yours can too!

"As an author and speaker, it is a a relief to admit to you that I will never arrive and have it all together. As I personally reflect on what God has so generously shown me in my life, it is a privilege to have the opportunity to encourage, teach, love and build up others in faith and hope. This is my commitment to you, whether talking one-on-one, writing or speaking. "

"Freelance commercial writing is another aspect of my work that is extremely rewarding. Making the "write" difference in the content/copy of a client's website, newsletter, or even as a ghostwriter, is welcome. If it involves words, I'm ready to take it on."

"Please explore the pages of my site. I pray you receive some information and encouragement that you need today. If you want to purchase a book, schedule a speaking engagement, or you simply want to connect, then Please Click Here to Contact Me. You can also find me on Facebook - Click here.


Refreshing Hope in God: A Mother's Journey of Joy and Pain

This book is for every mom who relishes the joy of being a mom, yet is experiencing the disappointment and pain when life as a mom isn't going as planned. Real life challenges of postpartum depression; challenges and choices faced in varying stages; teenage choices/difficult circumstances.

Friendship Interrupted:
Challenges and Practical Solutions, What You Can Do!

Have you ever wondered, "What happened to our friendship?" This book is for you, and for every woman who values friends, yet also recognizes the challenges that come with any kind of relationship. From minor issues to toxic ones, this is a book to keep on the shelf, with its practical, doable solutions. Available in Paperback and Kindle editions.

Walking Through Postpartum Depression

This book dispels the myths, and provides the truth and facts about clinical postpartum depression. You're not crazy, you're not alone, and it's not your fault. Best of all, this condition won't last forever. You will be yourself again.


Refreshing Friendship Interrupted - Challenges and Practical Solutions. What can you do? Walking Through Postpartum Depression

Hope for seasons when being a mom is not going as planned.

Co-authors, Judy and Debra know that friendship is not a trivial subject.

Unexpected Bizarre Misunderstood

Get the facts, hope, and encouragement

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Judy has a passion to share what God has taught her when life is thriving, and when life has thrown challenges and struggles her way.

She considers it a privilege to speak to women and feels strongly that hope and faith for today and tomorrow are essential to personal well-being.

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Judy Dippel - Freelance Writer

Freelance Writer

Commercial writing, development and marketing. Travel writer.

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”Like an adventurous road trip with a new girlfriend, writing Friendship Interrupted brought unexpected curves and important discoveries. Since friendship is not a trivial subject for women, it’s been quite a ride.”
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