GardenIt is summertime (and if you’re reading this when it’s not, read it anyway!) 🙂

Summer is the time for family, company, BBQ’s and vacations. Here’s hoping you can also squeeze in some YOU TIME! Some of you may remember when summer days were slower paced, but for most of us, this isn’t true any longer. A constantly busy tempo is all the more reason to plan something special, and kick back, and do something just for you with your girlfriends. You may feel that you see friends all the time—at work, at your kids sports practices and games, at volunteer meetings, weddings, while you’re walking the dog. Whatever!

Realistically that isn’t the same as spending undistracted, deliberate time with favorite friends. For most of us, if we’re honest with ourselves, time to relax with girlfriends is frequently the first thing to go when other life demands keep us on the run. Yet studies prove that friends contribute to our health. That’s all the more reason to find time for an official “Girl’s Night Out!”

Friends are like a jigsaw puzzle, different shapes, sizes and colors. Each one fills a particular place in your life. You know who you most enjoy spending time with, and the reasons aren’t the same: one girlfriend makes you laugh, another lets you cry. One is a good listener and encourager, one other helps you plan and get organized, yet another is your partner for sporting activities and other hobbies. What friends immediately come to mind? What do you like to do with them, or particularly enjoy about them? Call or email, get together, and count your blessings!

In red, write this somewhere you are sure to see it. “Schedule a “Girls Night Out!” with one or more of your friends. At the very least, enjoy the freedom of a fun, relaxing afternoon together.


  • Get tickets for a play or picnic at a free summer concert in the park.
  • Get together to work on a hobby, project, or recreation you really enjoy.
  • Start a monthly book discussion club. Make it simple.
  • Go shopping…leisurely, and check out stores where you’ve never been!
  • Walk or bicycle somewhere new together. Chat by a creek, river or lake.
  • Go anyplace that there is delicious food and drink… talk until you’re caught up.OR … HAVE A SLUMBER PARTY LIKE THE GOOD OL’ DAYS:

Send the kids & husband somewhere, anywhere!

  • Invite a handful of friends. Remind them to bring a sleeping bag, pillow, and their favorite snacks
  • Wear comfy PJ’s and no makeup. It feels surprisingly good!
  • Eat dips (onion?), popcorn, chocolate and peanut butter without guilt.
  • Watch funny or romantic movies. Go ahead, cry if you want to.
  • Share the most embarrassing moment. Laugh!
  • Tell the funniest or most unusual event that’s happened in your life. Laugh!
  • Dance together to your favorite music.
  • Share dreams, hopes and fears. Let your friends encourage you.
  • Commit to not talking about kids or grandkids for two hours. Maybe longer?
  • Play board games, and eat, talk, laugh or cry. It feels very good!
  • Crawl in your sleeping bags. Turn out the lights and say goodnight…
  • then talk in the dark, just like the good ol’ days, until you can’t stay awake any
  • longer. Good night!

OR … you might try this:

  • Send an Invitation to friends: “Join me for Movie Mania”
  • Wear a favorite hat, a feather boa, or even a crown …it’s a sure way to meet other women at the movie! Suggest to HIM that HE cook dinner, bathe the kids and tidy up. Hope that works!
  • After the movie, relax over coffee & dessert…and talk until midnight!
Wishing you a very fun, interesting and happy summer!


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