dreamstime_5505741Feeling sunny and joyful, or blue and sad as June approaches and you think of graduation?

Congratulations to all of you who have children or grandchildren graduating from high school or college this year. It’s an incredible milestone and cause for memorable celebrations with family and friends.

However, I empathize with the moms who are not celebrating this graduation season. For some, graduation is one more reminder of another dream for their child that didn’t come true. In its place are feelings of fear, anxiety and helplessness. What problem is next? Why? Where will it end for a child who continues making poor choices—and for the moms who are haunted with questions about what the future holds for their child.

God is present and faithful through it all. Be encouraged, even though it feels like forever, walk through it, step-by-step.

John 5:14: “This is the confidence we have in approaching God, that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.”

Thankfully, there are more chapters to every person’s story; one that is God’s story, too. I believe the prayers of mothers have a special place in heaven—that God listens and acts. He hears! I’ve seen it, I’ve lived it. I could recount many miracles.”

The point, you aren’t alone if you are a parent of a teen or young adult making poor choices or out-of-control. An email I got this week from a reader encouraged me as I hope it does you. I’m grateful, because what she shares is exactly why I wrote Refreshing Hope. Moms, have hope and be encouraged!

From Karen:

“I picked up a copy of Refreshing Hope a few years ago. What a blessing it has been to me. I wrote you an email two years ago and you responded which meant so much. I still have the email and read if often as a reminder and an encouragement to me that God is good.”

“Over the last few years I have kept your book on my nightstand and referred to it many times. I also ordered a few extra copies. I have a couple of friends who are struggling through times with their teenagers and I have been able to bless them with a copy of your book.”

“God has answered my prayers. We still have many areas where we could use some change and growth. But I am so thankful for the baby steps that we have come within our family.

Brandon has become part of our family again. He likes to talk with us and interact with us as parents. He treats us with respect and we don’t argue/debate everything that is discussed. He is 19 and living at home. He knows to respect our rules and he is considerate of our feelings. He is not working, (looking for a job) and he tried community college but decided it wasn’t for him. I pray he is motivated to move on with his future and make some decisions about what his next step in life will be. But most importantly I pray for his relationship with the Lord.”

“I decided to read through your book again this last month and when I got to page 201, I realized that is my prayer for Brandon, “That he will find faith and a relationship with Jesus, and I will stand firm in my belief that Brandon’s light for God will eventually shine.”

To all of you who are visiting today, I’m celebrating and praying for the kids who have graduated with their class and those who have not! Mothers let’s share our stories, even when they’re not perfect. In them, God’s love is revealed; we are encouraged.

Another mother,

Judy Dippel

Book focus: Refreshing Hope in God: Ch.12, “The Tear Bottle.”
Dear Lord, I know so very well how you soothe a mother’s aching heart when nothing else can. In faith, I’ve sincerely requested that you put a hedge of protection around my children, and you have. Thank you so much for letting my tears spill on you when I feel no one else understands. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.