Dad and me_ 1972

The Men in Our Lives
Father’s Day is the the perfect time to pause for a moment and reflect on our dads, and the other important men in our lives. I know that some dad’s are living, and that some have fulfilled their time on this earth, which by the way, is never enough time for those of us who are left without them. My dad has been deceased for over 40 years, yet when I think about him, time sits still. This picture was taken of us in 1972. I still miss him, very much! This may be your situation, too.

Okay, for a few minutes imagine we’re having coffee together, talking about how we are thankful for what is, and how we can strive to not dwell on what isn’t. Truly, I know a grateful attitude isn’t always easy to maintain. I certainly can’t do it all the time, but let’s consider these short questions that have significant answers for each one of us. Interesting, maybe surprising, and in the end, I pray, confirming.

If you have a good relationship with your dad who is still living, that’s wonderful. And I cannot imagine a greater gift you could give him this Father’s Day then to write or tell him how you answer the question below.

WHAT IS? (not what isn’t)

Your father: how has your dad positively influenced the person you are in life today?

Other Important Men in Your Life; WHAT IS? (not what isn’t)

  • Your husband: what is the quality you most admire in him?
  • Your son: how has he been there for you?
  • Your grandfather: when was one of the most meaningful times you spent with him?
  • Your brother: what do you good-heartedly laugh and tease each other about?

On this Father’s Day, I hope you are spending it with some of the important men in your life! I’m grateful to be with my husband and son today! My dad is smiling down…



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