Judy DippelJudy Dippel is a professional author and speaker who has a passion to share with women how they can not only survive, but thrive while coping with daily life and the universal challenges real women face. Not “preachy,” but frank and transparent, she easily connects with women. Judy’s reliance on God is the foundation of her life and her inspirational work. Her candid writing and speaking topics address real-life issues affecting everyday women. . . of which she says she is one.

Married, she is a mother of two, grandmother of four, and a lifelong Oregonian. Her career experience includes work in the fields of medicine, education, international adoption, and corporate America.


Judy’s business, JLD Writes, provides professional content writing, copy writing and editing, consulting and brainstorming, and ghostwriting. She edits and refreshes old content or writes completely new copy for her clients; for websites, books, blogs and brochures, and everything in-between. Small projects or large, Judy consults and collaborates with clients to bring their writing to life to meet and exceed professional standards. “It’s extremely rewarding to see my client’s relief when I’m able to clarify what they want to say, develop content, structure and organize, to see them effectively reach their target audience. All the while, I love how we learn from one another and have fun while we work. It doesn’t get better than that!”


Judy’s first book, Refreshing Hope in God: A Mother’s Journey of Joy and Pain, takes a look at motherhood when it doesn’t go as planned. (Signed copies and group copy pricing are available directly through Judy.) 

She is co-author of Friendship Interrupted, a book that speaks to myriad of issues women face in their relationships with one another. Women who value friendship, value this book. (Paperback and Kindle editions available on Amazon.com)

In 2017, Judy released her latest book, Breaking the Grip of Postpartum Depression: Walk Toward Wellness with Real Facts, Real Stories, and Real God. A topic she is passionate about, her book reaches out to women who don’t know what this sudden darkness that threatens their sanity is called. Most often, they don’t have a clue and hide in shame and embarrassment. Including explanations of perinatal mood disorders, this candid and much-needed message lets women know they are not alone, it’s not their fault, they are not going crazy and they will get well. With specific actions they can take, it is a life preserver of hope and help. For more postpartum information, see her book on Amazon (Kindle or paperback editions.) Learn more and get further help and referrals at http:www.postpartum.net/Postpartum Support International

Judy is a contributing author to Marita Littauer’s compilation, But Lord, I was Happy Shallow, (Kregel 2005), The One Year Life Verse Devotional, (Tyndale Publishing 2007), and Laundry Tales to Lighten Your Load. (Evergreen Press 2007). Life Sparks (2016)

Examples of books she has provided full writing services and publishing consulting services (collaboration, ghostwriting, content editing and more) are: Journey Toward Eternal Life: Alaska Style by Erwin Hertz (2014); Bioenergy Breakthrough by Dr. Terry Rondberg (2015). Art Pollard: The Life and Legacy of a Gentleman Racer by Bob Kehoe (2016 – Art was Judy’s father.) Petra’s Ashes by Petra Nicoll (2016) The Upgrade by Gary Sprewell (2016) Release the Power of Re3 and The Art of First Impressions by Susan Young (2017) Shine On by Genesis Hey Krick (2017)

All of these excellent books are available for purchase on http://www.Amazon.com


Judy is a registered speaker with WomensMinistry.net and MinistryWomen.net. She is a frequent luncheon, retreat and conference presenter. As a writer, she coaches individuals, speaks to writer’s groups, sharing the skills and knowledge she has learned along the way, just as other writers and authors have done for her. 

Judy currently lives in Eugene, Oregon—enjoys hiking, horseback riding, and outdoor activities, college sports and golf—she feels learning and reading a good book is something to reach for every day. She feels privileged to share how “our stories tell God’s story.”

If you are interested in inviting Judy to speak, please contact her through this website, or through through Womens Ministry.net or MinistryWoment.net.